Darrel J Butlin, Founder

Creative, innovative and strategic from concept to launch, Darrel combines Art and Technology to originate and produce cutting-edge entrepreneurial ventures. Founded on an international track record of working at the highest level within the commercial film industry, his independent work as a screenwriter and film director has led him to evolve award-winning programs of research and development, and a dynamic portfolio of intellectual property.



Project History

Digimator is a high-end digital camera system developed for feature film production that was developed between 2004 and 2007. The project started under the umbrella of the Bolex Brothers Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers feature film project, seed funding came from the South West Regional Development Agency's Innovation fund to develop a proof of concept prototype. Six months later, Bolex Brothers DoP Frank Passingham tested the prototype system and Bolex Brothers offered a second round of investment to develop the system to full specification.

Cosgrove Hall Films in Manchester heard of the development and were at the time looking for a photographic solution for their Rupert the Bear project, commissioned by Entertainment Rights. Following an intensive evaluation period of 6 months Cosgrove Hall Films purchased 8 Digimator units for their Rupert the Bear production and Eyebrid Blaze Motion Pictures maintained software development throughout the duration of the 2 year project.

Digimator was launched in 2006 at a time when the film animation industry was eager to make the transition from film to digital photography and was the first 4K camera to be used in media production. It's innovative design influenced the industry and paved the way for subsequent production companies to develop similar solutions. All software and intellectual designs are the sole property of Eyebrid Blaze Motion Pictures Ltd..

For further information please contact: darrel@eyebridblaze.com