4K Camera & Stop Motion Animation Software

High Dynamic Range Photography for Cinema Production

It's Brilliant!

Andy Chapman, Animator, Cosgrove Hall Films

It's so easy, even I can use it!

David Borthwick, Director, Bolex Brothers

Software Design

Focused on the professional stop-frame animator whose skill set and tools have defined the nature of its design and performance, Digimator has grown out of an industry environment working in feature film production.


Integrated Camera

A high dynamic range 4K digital camera has been fully integrated into the software. Digimator controls the camera operation and handles RAW sensor data. This level of integration enables the image-processing pipeline to be optimised for film production workflows.


Colour Confident

The ability to preview shots and sequences using the Digimator provide the Animator, DoP and Director with an ability to frame and light a scene, knowing that the image displayed is colour accurate.


Live Camera Signal

Digimator integrates a live output signal to: "mix", "onion-skin" or "ghost" between the previous and the current frame. This feature exists within the Digimator as part of a single interface with no additional hardware required.


Image Processing Pipeline

The image-processing pipeline in most digital cameras is automatic, resulting in quality loss. Normally this level of processing is hidden from the user but Digimator offers manual control to give full control over the dynamics of the RAW sensor data to prevent image loss.


Print to Film

Image output demonstrates a visibly high standard of picture quality. Digimator supports the OpenEXR High Dynamic Range file format developed by ILM, designed to handle and print digitally generated images on to film for cinema presentation.


Optical Viewfinder

Normally, the camera operates within a perimeter of the workstation defined by the length of the cable that tethers the camera to the PC. By disengaging the digital camera back and connecting the viewfinder, the user has the freedom to move without limitation as well as having the ability to view the image through the lens.

• 11 Megapixel Full frame 35mm kodak sensor
• Active Pixels - 4008 x 2672
• Pixel size 9µm x 9µm
• 4K & 2K Project Size [4008 x 2672 and 2400 x 1600]
• Dynamic Range - 55dB
16MP, 29MP & 47MP cameras available


• Bit Depth - 12 bit
• Open EXR, TGA & JPG Export
• Nikon Lens F-mount
• Robust high quality Camera build
• Optional Optical Viewfinder
• Print to Film Colour mangement workflow